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Houston hoarding cleanup


Do you need hoarding cleanup services in Houston, Texas? In Houston, it is estimated that five percent of the population is involved in a hoarding situation. Unfortunately, many of these situations go unnoticed for years. Whether it is a person hoarding a large number of animals, failing to rid themselves of trash or other items, or perhaps suffering from a mental illness that prevents them from comprehending their circumstances, these settings eventually come to light after death, concerns of family members, or after being contacted by local authorities. Whatever the case may be, cleanup services associated with hoarding are far more specialized than traditional housecleaning services. Since large amounts of animal waste, trash, junk, and even the aftereffects of unattended deaths can make a home or other area hazardous in many ways, professionals need to handle these cleanups. When you are facing a hoarding situation that needs highly-skilled professionals on the scene, contact us here at Houston Hoarding Cleanup.

If you wonder how hoarding situations can go unnoticed for years, it is because hoarders become very good at hiding the conditions in which they live. In fact, most family members and friends rarely know of these conditions until they are discovered by accident or other means. Once a hoarding situation is found out, those involved may feel extreme embarrassment. We understand this, which is why our team at Houston Hoarding Cleanup always uses unmarked vehicles on these jobs. Rather than advertise to neighbors, the media, and others what is occurring at your location, we at Houston Hoarding Cleanup always respect your privacy.

Animal Hoarding Cleanup Houston, Texas

In many cases, animal waste cleanup is needed on a large scale in a hoarding incident. Though this will take a large team of experienced professionals using specialized cleaning techniques, equipment, and products, we at Houston Hoarding Cleanup are up to the challenge. Having been in business since 2004, we have encountered hoarding situations on many levels, meaning there is almost no type of situation for which we are not prepared.

Rather than be like others who may be very judgmental about these situations, our team at Houston Hoarding Cleanup always goes the extra mile to work with hoarders and their families. Along with not speaking to anyone except you and others who are directly involved in the hoarding situation, our team is also committed to transforming the hoarding location into one that is once again habitable under normal conditions.

When you need a company to assist with the massive cleanup that comes with hoarding, it is crucial you select a company that has state-of-the-art training directly related to hoarding cleanup. Here at Houston Hoarding Cleanup, that is exactly what you will get. More than a junk dealer or restoration company, we are instead a company that understands the complexities that come with rat infestations, unattended deaths, and other aspects of these difficult situations. Because of this, our team always puts safety first by relying on proven techniques, hazmat suits, and other equipment and knowledge needed to handle these situations to everyone’s satisfaction.